Beneath My Beautiful

I spent a while with a friend discussing what to call my blog, considering the intimate content.

I finally decided on Beneath My Beautiful after the Labrinth song feat. Emeli Sandé – Beneath Your Beautiful.

The words in the song resonate strongly with me because they are about seeing the real person inside and I feel like I have been hiding for so long.

2 thoughts on “Beneath My Beautiful

  1. Julie, there are no words that can express how sorry I am to read your story. The fact you have dealt with this with only a handful of people knowing your story is mind blowing. The injustice you have suffered is absolutely appalling and I can’t begin to understand what you are going through, but know this, you have a great number of friends who love you, who will always be by your side & will help you in anyway they can – I’m one. Whilst not being in touch directly, being friends on Facebook has meant that I see what you are up to & thankfully have been able to see your post & read your blog & can open my arms and say if there is anything I can do, please ask. Keep fighting my lovely. All my love

    Sonia xxx

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